Grease 2014!!

Roles for Danny and Sandy

Skylar Astin as Danny Zuko

Known for his leading role in pitch perfect, where he sang, danced, and acted. IMDB gave him a rate of top 5000. He's taken singing and dancing classes since he was young. his birthday is september 23, 1987, he has the look of a high school student and can portray the role of a "bad boy." Skylar has also played in "21 and over," "pitch perfect," "wreck it ralph," "taking woodstock," and " hamlet 2." His triple threat score is, singing 9, acting 6, and dancing an 8.

Skylar Astin

Pitch Perfect - I've Got The Magic In Me (Boys Final)

Amanda Seyfried as Sandy Olsen

Amanda, born december 3, 1985, is an american actress, singer, and model. she performed in the musical "Mama Mia," where she acted, sang, and danced. IMDB gave her a rating of top 500. she's played in multiple movies like, "Red Riding Hood," "chloe," "gone," "momma mia," and "in time." she's taken singing lessons since she was young. her triple threat score is, singing9, acting 8, and dancing 7.

Amanda Seyfried

Honey, Honey - Amanda Seyfried