A Recipe for the Civil War


Pour 1/2 cup of north into a bowl

Mix well with mixer for about 2 min

Add the 1/2 cup of south into bowl

Mix north and south together for 5 min

Put bowl into fridge for 30 min.


1/2 cup of North

1/2 cup of south

4 cups of slavery

2 tablespoons of Abraham Lincoln election

5 tablespoons of the election of 1860

9 cups of Uncle Sams Cabin

1/3 tablespoons of Fort Sumter

6 ounces of Lincoln-Douglas Debates

First chop the north up into small pieces an put it into a bowl to the side.

Then put the south into a blender on a slow mode.

Add the north pieces an blend that all together until there are no chunks.

Put this into the fridge for 30 min

Now take the 4 cups of slavery an the 2 tablespoons of the Abraham Lincoln Election out. Take the Abraham election an add pinch of slavery an mix until the little bit of slavery is gone. Now put that into the fridge

Take the 5 tablespoons of the election of 1860 an take the 9 cups of uncle Sams Cabin.

Now take out the rest of the slavery an put the rest of the into a bowl with the other two ingredients. Now take the north and south an put it into a pan with the election of 1860 an uncle sams cabin. Put the fire on low an put a top on it. After all the slvery gets steamed up turn the heat off an let it sit.

The 1/3 tablespoons of fort sumter will be to top on your recipe. Now this is the most important step of your recipe. Take the 6 ounces of Lincoln-Douglas debates an layer it on top of the stuff in the pot. This will let go of the slavery flavor. There will be a good thing about getting rid of the slavery flavor. The slavery is just there to make it thicker but the flavor isan't to good.
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After putting everything in layers preheat oven to 325 degrees for about 15 min. Put Recipe into over for 1 hour an now it's done.