*Handball originated in Europe.

*The sport was an Olympic demostration in 1936

and 1952.

*Became an official Olympic sport in 1972.


Central:It is the first line player located between both sides, that on the court directs the game through crosses and other planned and coordinated with him as the main protagonist plays all times.

Extreme:The ends are positioned one on each side of the side. Usually quick, agile, little heavy and with great jumping ability players

Sides:The wings are located on either side of the center. Usually tall and burly players with a powerful launch.

Pivot:the pivot is in charge of going into the defensive holes open.


-A team consists of up to 14 players.

-They must be present in the field, simultaneously, up to 7 players.

-The duration of the game is 60 minutes, divided into two periods of 30 minutes each.

-Before beginning the game, the two teams must sign the squad of players, and claiming to be in legal position to play the game.

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-Beach Handball


Balonmano:Fundamentos y reglas

By Usua and Lavinia