Eagle Talk | January 14, 2022

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EJH Newsletter January 14, 2022

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School Events


17 - MLK Day - No School

28 - Early Release (2.5 hours) - End of 1st Semester

31 - Start of 2nd Semester


8 - Election Day

16 - PHS Registration for 9th Graders

18-21 - Mid Winter Break


8 - Music Concert #1

11 - Early Release (2.5 hours)

15 - Music Concert #2

25 - Early Release - School Improvement Day (2.5 hours)

Quarantine/Isolation 'At-A-Glance' for Families

The new timelines recently published in the WA State DOH K-12 COVID-19 Requirements, can get complicated, but taking the right steps is important to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in schools.

Here is a printable ‘At-A-Glance’ resource that breaks down exactly what you need to know and do based on your individual situation.

Schoology and Absences

Has your student been absent? If so, Schoology is the place to go in order to keep on track in class while they are out. Don't wait until they return to school.

February Special Election

Puyallup School District is asking voters to consider two levy proposals on the Feb. 8, 2022 Special Election ballot. Local levies are vital in filling the gap between state and federal funding and the actual cost of providing critical services to students, staff, and learning environments.

Levies are for learning and help fund experiences and spaces that support the whole child both in and out of the classroom. Together, the Replacement Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) Levy and Capital Levy will provide quality and supportive learning experiences and spaces for Puyallup students, setting them up for success now and after high school.

Visit the district website or attend an upcoming Levy Informational Town Hall to learn more.

Register To Vote Through January 31.

The deadline to register by mail or online in the Feb. 8 Special Election is Monday, Jan. 31. All registrations must be postmarked by this date.

Voter registration forms are available online or by calling the Pierce County Elections Division at (253) 798-VOTE (8683).

9th Grade Curriculum and Registration Workshop

PHS will be hosting a curriculum and registration workshop for 9th graders on February 10, 2022 from 6-7 pm. You will learn about:

  • Course offerings
  • Advanced Placement
  • Registration
  • Magnet programs
  • Running Start

Please see the attached flyer for more information.


Struggling in a class? Need a tutor? We have tutors available to help you!

How to access tutoring:

  • Let the teacher for the class you are struggling with know that you need a tutor
  • Let your homeroom teacher know that you would like to work with a tutor during that time
  • Come in for after school homework help sessions on Tuesdays (all subjects) and Wednesdays (Math specific)
  • Make an appointment to meet with an online tutor outside of the school day or on weekends

Contact Mrs. Mozrall (On-Time Graduation Specialist) if you have questions about how to set up tutoring!

Athletics Calendar

Please check ArbiterLive for all of our fall sports schedules at EJH and PHS. You can access the site using this link.

Prevention Message

The Brain and Addiction

Every neuron (nerve cell) in your brain has receptors on its surface that receive signals from other neurons nearby using messenger chemicals called neurotransmitters. When a neurotransmitter is sent from one neuron to another, it attaches to a receptor on the receiving cell—kind of like a key in a lock. Because using drugs can flood the brain with certain neurotransmitters, in some people, repeatedly using drugs can change the way the brain processes these chemicals. The developing brains of teens are particularly sensitive to these changes.

The good news is that the brain can recover, at least in part, after stopping drug use. The sooner a person stops, the better the chances are that they will recover. Treatment for substance use disorders enables people to counteract the disruptive effects of repeated drug use on their brain and behavior and to lead healthier lives.

Read more about the brain and addiction.


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