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Who is Jennifer Abel?

Jennifer is a Olympic aquatic diver that is in winter and summer Olympics. She is raised in Montreal, Quebec. She speaks french, and a little bit of English. Jennifer came to the Olympics because she loves swimming, and it inspired her to compete in the Olympics.

Jennifer and Emilie

When Jennifer reached to the Olympics training center, she became partners with Emilie Heymans. Emilie was determined to be an aquatic diver too. Their coach was Arturo Miranda.They would practice diving for hours! Jennifer and Emilie worked together so much, that they became best friends.
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Canadian diver Jennifer Abel on Trans World Sport

Jennifer Abel's family

Jennifer Abel has a mom, dad and a brother. Her actual role model is her brother! He is an aquatic diver too, like Jennifer. She wanted to be a diver just like her brother! But Jennifer's brother never won an Olympic medal, but Jennifer won a bronze medal!

Jennifer's trip to the Olympics

Jennifer and Emilie worked hard on practicing. At last, it was time to preform to the Olympics. They worked really hard. Guess what!? When they finished, they were in 3rd place! Out of millions of people, they won a bronze medal!

By: Megha Warrier