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Deborah Alessi: Making the difference for the domestic violence victims

Have you ever been a victim of domestic violence or any other gang related kind of violence? Did the experience leave you shocked, hurt and even disfigured? Do the scars that you have from the incident remind you of the horrible ordeal that you went through? There are very many questions that victims of domestic violence ask themselves in an attempt to justify the ordeal. They think that maybe the ordeal happened to them because they deserve it, or even due to the fact that they might have provoked the offender.

A lot of times, those that have ever gone through this ordeal wonder why one would still stay in an abusive relationship. It is obvious that they are hurting but why do they continue to stay in this bad relationship? Experts attribute this behavior to the fact that most of the women who have been victims of domestic violence and stayed in the relationship, do so because they are ashamed of admitting that the person they claim to love could actually beat and hurt them. This is natural due to the fact that no one wants other people to talk about them in a bad way. Confessing to domestic violence might make other people judge both the victim and the offender in a bad way.

However, the victims of domestic violence need just more than advise on how to get out of an abusive relationship. They also need help building back their esteem and also help learning how to accept themselves even more. Many of these victims feel unworthy ad even unattractive. Due to the rising cases of domestic violence, Deborah Alessi and her husband saw it fit to start a non-profit organization that treats and fixes the facial disfigurations that many people get due to domestic violence. The two have brought together different yet very talented doctors who operate on the facial disfiguration of the victims of domestic violence pro bono.

This is not all, their organization, Face Forward, also helps the women and children emotionally. There are usually so much emotions in these victims that making their faces the way they were before will not be enough to make them feel ready to face the world again. With the help of other professionals who are skilled in this area, the Alessis have definitely made a great difference to all those people who have had the horrible experience of being in a violent relationship or any other gang related violence.

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