Charles V

The Most Powerful European Ruler of His Time

His Background

  • He was born in Ghent, Belgium.
  • He grew up in the Netherlands.
  • He was the son of Philip i the Handsome, king of Castile, and Joan the Mad, and the grandson of Emperor Maximilian i and Mary and Burgundy, as well as the “Catholic Kings” Isabella i the Catholic, of Castile, and Ferdinand ii the Catholic, of Aragon.’

  • He was born in 1500, and died in 1558.


  • He was the most powerful European Ruler of his time.

  • Became King of Spain in 1516. He inherited the title from his grandparents on his mother’s side, Ferdinand ii and Isabella i.

  • Became the Holy Roman Emperor in 1519.

  • In October 1520, Charles was accordingly crowned king of Germany in Aachen, assuming at the same time the title of Roman emperor-elect.

  • Became King of Spain in 1516, on the death of his maternal grandfather, Ferdinand, and Emperor of Germany in 1519, on the death of his paternal grandfather, Maximilian I, being crowned at Aix-la-Chapelle in 1520.

Interesting Facts

  • In 1555 and 1556, he gave up the Low Countries, Spain, and all Spanish lands in Italy and America to his son, Philip ii, and the Holy Roman Empire to this brother, Ferdinand i.

  • During Charles V’s reign, the colonies in the new world began producing enormous amounts of Gold and Silver.

  • He reigned during one of the most important periods in the history of Europe.

  • Facts about Charles V

Impact on Today

  • He grew and expanded the empire.

  • Under Charles, Spain’s territorial horizons expanded significantly.

  • He fought in wars and helped to expand the horizons on wars and battle.

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By: Olivia Zylstra - Hour 1