Carol Zhai

the Jack of Trades

The Information, People Person

Who am I? I am someone who loves to be involved and work with others all around my school. At the same time I am information-oriented, I know how to learn effectively and apply this information to solve various tasks. Information/people based jobs I could pursue are Business Operations Manager, Accountant, Mechanical Engineer, and Advertising Coordinator.

My Interests

Multiple Intelligences

My top intelligences are naturalistic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, and linguistic. In a naturalistic aspect, I am passionate about protecting the environment and love exploring ecosystems. A naturalistic job is a natural conversation officer. From an intrapersonal aspect, I am deeply reflective and I often think to myself to improve. An intrapersonal job I am interested in is a psychologist. From a interpersonal point I also enjoy interacting with others, and work best in teams. An interpersonal job I could pursue is a business consultant. Finally my linguistic intelligence reflects my love for reading and writing. A job is this field is an screenplay writer.

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My most dominant personality bird is an owl, followed by a close tie of dove and eagle personality types. However I definitely recognize traits from all three birds in myself. My owl traits are that I love nature and venturing outside the known to discover. I am also very innovative, and value privacy. I see as a dove from my emotional side, and I respect everyone and like to talk to others to help them during tough situations and care deeply for friends. A few owl careers are a chemist and inventor.
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the kinesthetic learner

I learn the best when I can experiment with new things myself, first so I can get a feel for it. Jobs which require people to learn to succeed by trying things out would suit me, including the jobs Restaurant Chef, Carpenters, Jewelers and Fashion designer

skills: Technological Expert

Another great skill I possess is computer skills. I am experienced with various programs like Photoshop and Flash. Furthermore, I know how to fix many basic computer viruses and is well-versed in all the Microsoft programs . Moreover I stay updated on all the latest computer programs and technological trends through the internet.
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Leadership Skills:

I enjoy working with a team and am able to listen to other opinions and effectively express myself while listening to the opinions of others, so we can all work towards a shared vision and achieve the best results. I make sure my team is on track and plan ahead so we can solve any conflict in our path.

Skills: Creativity Guru

I love creating new things and thinking outside the box. I am also a creative problem-solver, and I can come up with various innovative solutions to overcome challenges which may arise. In addition to that, I partake in many arts, for example painting and playing guitar, and with my creative ability I express myself through these mediums.

career options from transferable skills

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Jobs involving Leadership, Computer skills and Creativity: Marketing Executive, Website Design Manager, IT Manager, Head Architect.