Save the bilbies


The ears of a rabbit the noes of an anteater and a tail of a kangaroo.

Can you guess what it is? thats right a bilbies!

Bilbies are sometimes known as rabbit-eared or band-cost and they are only in Australia.

These small shy animals are about the size of a rabbit and they eat insects,fruit,nuts and seeds.Bilbies once lived all throw Australia. When settlers came in the 1800s they built cities and pushed Bilbies out to the deserts cats and foxes hunt them and rabbits compete with them for food and shelter. Today Bilbies are found in only a few harsh deserts location Australia.

Fun facts about Bilbies for kids!

  • Bilbies are experts at digging. They can disappear in red sandy soil within three minutes. Their burrows are very steep and deep to protect them from predators.
  • Bilbies have a pocket to carry their Bilbies. Usually they have between one and three babies.
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Question time!

Q:What is the Bilbies computer?

Q:What is his ear look similar to rabbit,leaped or cat?

Q:What noes does it look similar to anteater,dog or kangaroo?

Q:What is it's tail similar to kangaroo,cat or dog?

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