The Dangerous Path

Once You Go, You Might Never Come Back


  • Causes changes in the perception of thought, emotion, and consciousness
  • Includes marijuana, LSD, Molly, PCP, Shrooms and DMT
  • Causes feelings of strangeness, vivid colors, hallucinations, confusion, panic, psychosis, anxiety, distortion of senses, and flashbacks
  • Hallucinogens work by triggering specific receptors in the brain to release unnatural amount of hormones to the body


  • Slows down the body's systems and reactions
  • Includes Alcohol, Codeine, Heroin, Morphine, Barbiturates, and GHB
  • Side effects include: Slow brain function, slowed pulse and breathing, lowered blood pressure, confusion, fatigue, dizziness, fever, depression, sleep problems, anxiety, coma, and death by overdose.
Warning Graphic: Zombie Drug Krokodil


  • Speeds up the body's reactions and processes.
  • Stimulants Include Cocaine, Crack, and Meth
  • Adverse effects include exhaustion, apathy, depression, irregular heart beat, hostility, paranoia, heart attack and death
  • Stimulants increase levels of dopamine in the brain which overexcites the body and leads to a rush of energy levels

Drug Possesion Laws in Wisconsin

Marijuana - 1st (Misdemeanor): 6 months in Jail / $1000 fine

Marijuana - 2nd (Felony): 3 1/2 years, $10,000

Cocaine - 1st (Misdemeanor): 1 year in Jail, $5000 fine

Cocaine - 2nd (Felony): 3 1/2 years, $10,000

Methamphetamine - 1st (Misdemeanor): 1 year in Jail, $5000 fine

Methamphetamine - 2nd (Felony): 3 1/2 years, $10,000

LSD (Acid) - 1st (Misdemeanor): 1 year in Jail, $5000 fine

LSD (Acid) - 2nd (Felony): 3 1/2 years, $10,000

Heroin - (Felony): 3 1/2 years, $10,000

GHB - (Felony): 6 years, $10,000

Other Schedule I and II Drugs* - (Felony) - 3 1/2 years, $10,000

*In accordance to the United States Controlled Substances Act