September 18, 1955

The 'thirty year plan' has been released

Tragedy strikes once again! Congo is still under attack from Belgium and looks like it will not be ending anytime soon. How long is this going to last? Innocent children are being attacked and are left on the streets to starve. The hospitals are working full time to help all the causalities but it is simply not enough. Children are being abandoned by their families as they simply cannot look after them. What has Congo done to deserve this?

News has been leaked that they have formed a document known as "The thirty year plan". This involved their plan in gradually taking over Congo and our government. In these thirty years, Professor A.J Van Bilson, who published this document, believes it would be expected to create an educated elite who could replace the Belgians in positions of power.

This is a sign that we need to act now and prove that these people do not own us. Do you want them to destroy more of our land and our food they we have grown for decades? This needs to be dealt with before it is too late.

By Bec Owens

Hero of Congo

Palo Mofuaso is lucky to be alive after nearly being run over by an uncontrolled cart. The four year old has been abandoned by his family and is left to find what food he can. After a nearly 200 meters away a cart had lost control coming down the hill, no one could stop it and was heading straight towards Palo. "The cart was so scary. I could not move" was Palo's words after the incident. Thanks to Gudina, a local who happened to be nearby saw what was going to happen and grabbed poor Palo. Gudina, words afterwards were, "I am just glad that no one got hurt. Palo would have had no idea what to do and I knew he was not going to move. I am just glad that no one got hurt". This is a classic example of what Congo should be proud of and should strive towards. Congo needs more people Gudina and thanks to him, an innocent child has now been saved.