Alleynes (Barbados) Inc

To Preserve the Alleyne family history

Update on Alleynes (Barbados) Inc

The non-profit company "Alleynes (Barbados) Inc." was formed in 2013.


The objectives of the company are:

1) To preserve the Alleyne family history and continue the legacy which began in 1630.

2) To promote and assist the Alleyne School, established in 1775, and located in Belleplaine, St. Andrew, Barbados.

3) To promote the contribution of Sir John Gay Alleyne to the development of Barbados.

4) To restore and maintain important Alleyne historic sites.

The intention is to make the appeal of Alleynes (Barbados) Inc. as wide and as inclusive as possible. It will have no borders and through the use of modern technology, anyone with an interest in the Alleynes of Barbados will have access to its research and activities.

Website Launched -

Please log on to the web site as we are updating it regularly.
Ensure that you are on the family tree and if not, let us know. We love feedback.
Our family is full of facinating people. Click on the Biography section to learn more about your ancestors. Pictured to the right is Sir John Gay Alleyne

Sir John Elected Patron

On January 15th, 2014, the Reverend Sir John Campbell Alleyne, the fifth Baronet, was elected "Patron" of the company.
Below is a picture of Sir John on his first visit to Barbados and The Alleyne School last year.
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Membership Appeal!!!

The company is funded entirely by membership fees and by donations; we encourage you to become a member today.

Membership is only BDS$100 (US$50) per year, which runs from January to December. Payment can be made on the website through "Paypal" or by cheque through the mail. Please mail your cheque to:

Mr. Andrew Alleyne, Treasurer,


Graeme Hall Terrace,

Christ Church, BB15049


The Directors of The Company

Richie Alleyne, St. James, Barbados

Andrew Alleyne, Christ Church, Barbados

Dale Alleyne, British Columbia, Canada

Robert Alleyne, Derby, U.K.

Monsignor Vincent Blackett, St. Michael, Barbados

Christopher Thirkell, Christ Church, Barbados

Linda A. C. Williams, St. James, Barbados

Paul Alleyne, St. James, Barbados