Do's and Don'ts of interviews

By Brennan Sargent

How to prepare for an interview

Always make sure you know how long its going to take you to get the the place you are taking the interview so you are not late , its not a bad idea to be 10 or 15 mins early. Be sure when the two of you greet each other have a firm hand shack and introduce yourself. Prepare before hand for some questions they might as or some questions you might want to ask them.

During the interview

first you should greet your employer with a firm hand shake and by introducing yourself. Be sure to be on time! being 10 to 15 min early is not a bad thing. Be sure to ask them when they will be picking someone for the job.

5 common interview questions

Some of the most common interview questions are tell me a little about yourself or why do you want to work for us or another is where do you see yourself in 5 years another common one is why should we hire you. These are all common questions and theirs not a right or wrong answer the best way to answer them is with confidence.

After the interview

After the interview is over you need to shack there hand and thank them for there time and also maybe ask them when they will be picking someone for the job

Dressing for the interview

Men when dressing for an interview they should wear nice dress pants and a nice colored shirt with maybe a tie also guys need to wear nice shoes and socks. Girls. they need the where a dress pants or a skirt and also need to wear nice shirt or a jacket

interview tips

When your at an interview you need to be confident and sit up straight and don't act scared and be sure to be on time and confident