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4-24-2015, Level Creek Elementary School, 4th grade

Friday folders and schedule next week......

Please remember to review, sign, and return the Friday folders on Monday.

Next week we are still operating on the testing schedule from this past week. Lunch for Flanter's class is at 11:50 and 11:52 for Carnazzo's class. Specials is still at 12:30 and recess will follow at 1:25 p.m. Please remember to send your student to school next week on time, rested, and fed....breakfast and sleep are the keys to success. :)

This testing week went great. Thank you for all of the support. The kids did a great job.

Projects are loaded to our website and to the Discussion board!

Thank you for all of the help and support getting the digital projects complete. All projects should be loaded now on the Flying Rockstar Weebly for parents to view and they are also loaded on the eClass discussion board so that students can review and score their own work and respond to their classmates projects as well. We learn best from sharing and collaborating with others. A two week long discussion board homework assignment came home this week. Part one was for them to load their project to the discussion board and for them to evaluate their own work. This is due no later than Sunday, 4/26. part two is for them to respond to two classmate's projects and evaluate their work, positive comments only. This is due by 5/1, next Friday.

Save the Date------Field Day is May 18th at 9:30 and The End of Year Class Party is May 18th at 1:30.

Next Week's Important Events

Monday Day 6 PE, Science Milestones

Tuesday Day 1, Wordly Wise Test

Wednesday Day 2, Social Studies Milestones

Thursday Day 3 PE

Friday Day 4

We're going to ROCK the Ga MIlestones!

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Ready to Rock, Ready to Roll!

2015 ready
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