Pulse of the Pirates

May Newsletter for Plainview Elementary School

Important Dates

  • May 3rd-7th - Teacher Appreciation Week!!

  • May 4th - 3rd Grade Field Trip

  • May 5th - 1:00 Dismissal Professional Development for Teachers

  • May 7th - MAP Growth Incentive (Paint Throw!!)

  • May 7th - School Lunch Hero Day - Celebrate School Lunch Workers!

  • May 10th - PK-6th Grade Music Concert & Kindergarten Graduation @ 7pm

  • May 10th - School Board Meeting @ 7pm

  • May 15th - High School Graduation

  • May 18th - Elementary Awards Assembly @ 2:00 in Tartan Gym (Parents Welcome)

  • May 19th - Preschool Graduation at 9:00 am

  • May 19th - 1:00 Dismissal Professional Development for Teachers

  • May 20th - 1:00 Dismissal - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

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Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3-7. This year more than ever, teachers have gone above and beyond to keep students learning and engaged. Join us in saying thank you to our teachers for everything they do for our students at Plainview Elementary School!

How you can #ThankATeacher:

  • Share your appreciation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtag #ThankATeacher and tagging @PHSPiratePride
  • Share a photo of you with your favorite teacher and tag @PHSPiratePride on social media
  • Send your teacher a thank you card
  • Use technology and make a thank you video


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IXL....go, Go, GO!!!!

This morning, as I announced our Weekly ROCKSTARS for each class, students found out that we have answered 719,550 questions on IXL! I, of course, think this is AMAZING - but what would be even more amazing is hitting 1,000,000!!! So I threw out a challenge for all students! I told them all that if we can get to ONE MILLION questions answered correctly by May 19th then on the last day of school I will treat them ALL to popsicles!!

Any extra time on home logged into IXL will help us reach our ONE MILLION question goal...and will help your child move even closer to the ROCKSTAR of the Week for their class (The rockstar is the person in each class who has answered the most questions correctly!).

MAP Growth!!

I am so excited to announce that our students, as a whole, surpassed what is considered "NORMAL" and "TYPICAL" growth when it comes to the MAP Growth Assessments!! This means that your children showed MORE growth this school year, even with quarantines, masks, and the abnormal situations that we have been faced with. I am so proud of each and every student and the hard work that they have put in throughout this year. I am also beyond proud of the teachers and the hard work that they have put in to ensure that students grasp not only the concepts at their current grade level, but that they pick up skills from their previous grade level as well!

Check out these STATS:


Math: Typical Growth: 6.97 - Our Actual Growth: 9.92

Reading: Typical Growth: 6.81 - Our Actual Growth: 9.45

1st Grade:

Math: Typical Growth: 16.35 - Our Actual Growth: 17.73

Reading: Typical Growth 15.47 - Our Actual Growth: 20.77

2nd Grade:

Math: Typical Growth: 14.38 - Our Actual Growth: 21.00

Reading: Typical Growth: 13.22 - Our Actual Growth: 18.81

3rd Grade:

Math: Typical Growth: 12.60 - Our Actual Growth: 17.76

Reading: Typical Growth: 10.50 - Our Actual Growth: 10.44

Language Usage: Typical Growth: 10.61 - Our Actual Growth: 15.17

4th Grade:

Math: Typical Growth: 10.96 - Our Actual Growth: 16.36

Reading: Typical Growth: 8.16 - Our Actual Growth: 4.82

Language Usage: Typical Growth: 7.47 - Our Actual Growth: 7.52

5th Grade:

Math: Typical Growth: 9.61 - Our Actual Growth: 13

Reading: Typical Growth: 6.50 - Our Actual Growth: 9.05

Language Usage: Typical Growth: 6.02 - Our Actual Growth: 12.65

Science: Typical Growth: 1.87 - Our Actual Growth: 1.57

6th Grade:

Math: Typical Growth: 8.13 - Our Actual Growth: 13

Reading: Typical Growth: 5.19 - Our Actual Growth: 5.29

Language Usage: Typical Growth: 4.75 - Our Actual Growth: 3.25

Science: Typical Growth: 1.21 - Our Actual Growth: 2.0

Summer School!

We are so excited to be offering Summer School from 8:00-11:45 for students this summer! Classes will take place Monday-Thursday from June 7th through July 1st. If your child has been invited, please check out the information below:


Kindergarten - Mrs. Arlt

1st Grade - Mrs. Hoffman

2nd Grade - Miss Bullock

3rd Grade - Mrs. Meuret

4th Grade - Miss Kraft

5th Grade - Mrs. Alexander

6th Grade - Mrs. Smith

Students can enter the building each day at 8:00 for breakfast and class. They will grab a sack lunch each day at 11:45 and be ready for pick-up shortly after that! Students will work primarily on reading and math skills for the grade level that they are currently in. Teachers will be working to continue closing the learning gap that so many students felt as a result of our COVID closure.

Contacting Your Child's Teacher

When contacting your child's teacher, the best way is usually through their school email. All email addresses are set up the same: first initial last name (no spaces) @plainviewschools.org - for example, my name is Heather Thompson - so my email would be hthompson@plainviewschools.org OR you can call the school and leave a phone message with Mrs. Patsy for them (402)582-3808.

Please always allow 24 hours for teachers to contact you back. Some teachers have their plan time right away in the morning and are not always able to check their email throughout the day. Thanks so much for understanding!