B. Corey Lutrell LUPUS Memorial Foundation

The Highlights of Our Year

It's very hard to comprehend that a year has passed by. Paracord Corey has grown and now in our lineup of accessories are Dog collars & leashes that have been VERY popular. Monica & Patti have done many shows and are Thankful for the purchases. We still haven't got a store online, but it is in the Future. We're glad to say we have contributed back to our communities & families from our sells. We have given to two families that lost a loved one suddenly, St. Jude Children's Hospital, Gaines Fire Dept., Wounded Warriors, Human Society, Fenton Lions Club, Paws with a Cause, Change for Kids-through the State Bank, Eastern MI Food Bank etc.

Also we had Our First Annual B. Corey Lutrell Memorial Fundraiser Raffle. We sold 643 tickets and gave away over 40 Beautiful Gifts. In celebration of Corey we had several events in the month of November, his Birthday month and his last month on Earth. We hosted a Wonderful Breakfast at the Laundry Room in Fenton, MI and kicked off Our Fund Raiser, Hosted a Breakfast for the Gaines Elementary School Teachers & Staff, and lastly Birthday Party that was catered by Corey's Brother (in law) and sister-in-law Mike & Monica Cheney, Lush with a Brush Painting of what else, Rainbow background & Butterfly. That was a WONDERFUL evening, Noah was a GREAT host in Honor of His Daddy.

There are still many projects that are still unfinished at both homes. It is unbelievable how much we DON'T get done with out Corey. That's why through his loss we have discovered the IMPORTANCE of Kindness to ALL living things & beings...which has filled a portion of Our Void with out Corey. He is with us Everyday and we ALL feel his presence. We have MANY Great things in the works. We want B. Corey Lutrell to become a name people remember as a Honorable Humanitarian that endured a dreadful illness for 12 years. When we start feeling the Heaviness of the Sadness we remember how much PAIN Corey lived with on a daily bases from LUPUS. Then we turn it around and see ALL the WONDERFUL things that are happening and that are to come from his passing to his Eternal Life...we have to say "Fly High Our Son, Husband, Daddy and Friend" We LOVE and MISS Your Physical Presence EVERY Day <3 <3 <3

From The Lutrell's-Patti & Noah, The S'Moore's-Steve & Tina, The Cheney's-Mike & Monica, Dave & Deb

Wishing You a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS & Happy-Prosperous-Healthy NEW YEAR...

We are a Non-Profit organization wanting to help those that have Suddenly Lost a Spouse, Parent &/or Child. To also help you through living with a debilitating state of being-

We have an account set up at the State Bank in B. Corey Lutrell Memorial Fund if you would like to contribute...