Why We Eat What We Eat

Esperanza Argueta

External Influences

some external influences on why we eat what we eat are newspaper, radio,television, magazines, books, and the internet, Price, food's availability, Demand, climate issues, land availability, food processing, and food preparation.

Individual Influences

Some individual influences on why we eat what we eat is gender, age, health, stress, emotions, likes/dislikes, culture and customs, traditions, situational factors like family schedules, peer groups, family budget, and food choices like nutrition, wellness, enjoyment, and comfort.

Healthy Food Choices

You can balance calories consumed with calories used. You could also prevent gradual weight gain over time and decrease food and beverage calories. And increase physical activity. Diet guidelines are established to encourage most Americans to consume only enough calories from food and drinks, be more physically active, and to make informed food choices. To balance calories to manage weight you can prevent/reduce overweight and obesity through making better your eating and physical activity habits. You can control calories intake, increase physical activity and reduce time spent in sedentary behaviors, and maintain appropriate balance during each stage of life.

More Healthy Food Choices

"My Plate" is about portion control and how much to take in every day while "Food Pyramid" just tells you what i healthy and that you need to exercise.
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Specific Population

Women who can get pregnant eat foods that have lots of iron. People who are 50 years old and older reduce their sodium intake and consume foods with vitamin B12.