World in Mayhem?

Reported from Burke Vukasovic

The Slug has Escaped!

A slug from a top secret research lab has escaped and has been reported in Marshall Wisconsin. The Slug is a world class killer and has the power to look like anybody and it has the power to grow to massive heights so if you have friends or family that has been acting weird please call the authorities immediately.

Boy named Nehemiah said to have created the evil slug!!

Written By Burke V

After talking with Professor Nehemiah he claimed that he has created the slug!

He has said that the slug has teeth like projections and will swallow whole people if not stopped before it gets to you. He also said claimed that if the slug is not stopped in 7 days if will devour the whole earth. But then die of dehydration if it does not get its daily meals and it would explode with the force of the Russian Tsar bomb. So don't get near it when it starts to blow.

giant slug eats flower

Horrifying slug before attacks.

Breaking news!!!!

The Slug seems to be moving to the next city for its next lunch.....

Slug has gone missing!!

The Slug has disappeared suddenly! We believe that the slug has gone into a fresh water lake in Marshall WI ready to strike its next prey. When will it come back? Nobody knows.....