Wrinkle in Time

By: Ashton Linkon

Come into this science fiction novel by: Madeleine L'engle

A strange visitor on a strange night comes to the Murry house and meets Meg, her brother Charles Wallace, and their friend Calvin O'Keefe on an outrageous adventure.

How I enjoyed the book!

For this book It was personally my favourite book I have read all year for the reason that I love science fiction books. I don't know why but traveling through space and time travel just really interests me.

Some of the main Characters

Three Literary Elements

Figurative Language, Conflict, Point of view

In any good book there are literary elements one of them is Figurative language this is a show not tell kind of thing. Another literary element is conflict, conflict is what is going to happen and how are you going to solve it. The final element is Point of View this is first person second person or third person.