Agriculture and Farming

Ari, Eze,Guido, Denu and Valen.

Farming and Agriclture:

What is Agriculutre?

Agriculture is the art of science of growing plants and other crops, the rasing animals for good, other human needs or economic gain.

Agriculture has 2 divisions:

- Plant or crop production:

Crop production is a branch of agriculture that deals with growing crops for use as food and fiber.

- Animal or livestock production:

Animal Production facilitates improvements in agricultural productivity.


It derives from the Latin word ''firma''

The places where farming is practiced is known as farm.

Farming covers the implementation and agriculture.

This can be in:

Small scale:Cultivation any for conception

Large scale:Intensive farming with mechanised enviromental

There are three types of farming:

Collective farming:

collective farming is an organization of agricultural production in which the holdings of several farmers are run as a joint enterprise.A collective farm is essentially an agricultural production cooperative in which members-owners engage jointly in farming activities.

Protected culture farming:

modification of the natural environment to achieve optimal growth.

Organic farming:

Organic farming is an alternative agricultural system which originated early in the 20th century in reaction to rapidly changing farming practices.

Raising animals

The raising of animals is the livesttock for species for food production, other human needs or economic gain very important because if people don´t have it they will have to hunt.