Graduation 2016

Sparkman Senators

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The Senator Yearbook staff compiled this end of the year video to celebrate another GREAT year at Sparkman!

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Senior Final Exams

May 17
--3rd and 4th A-day Finals (during 3rd and 4th period)

May 18
-- 3rd and 4th B-day Finals (during 3rd and 4th period)
-- 3rd and 4th Regular Semester long Finals (during 3rd & 4th period)

May 19
-- 1st and 2nd A-day Finals (during 1st & 2nd period)
-- 1st and 2nd Regular Semester long Finals (during 1st & 2nd period)

May 20
--1st and 2nd B-day Finals (during 1st & 2nd period)

Other Important Dates

  • May 16: Senior Awards Day at SHS 9 AM Gym 1

  • May 16-17: Cap/Gown and Ticket pick-up at SHS 11:50 AM- 1:50 PM Gym 1

  • May 23: Mandatory Graduation Practice at SHS at 4 PM

  • May 24: Mandatory Graduation Practice at VBC Arena 7:15 AM

  • May 24: Pick-up Diploma packet from your homeroom teacher immediately after graduation ceremony. A designated area will be announced.

**Ms. Haynes will announce at Tuesday morning's practice where students should pick up diplomas.


  • Final transcripts will be requested on Monday, May 23rd after graduation practice by completing and returning a FINAL Transcript Request Form. This form will be provided for you that day.

Early Dismissal on Graduation Day

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In order to have a dignified graduation ceremony of which you can be proud, certain expectations have been established:

  • Students must arrive at the VBC no later than 2:00 pm on Tuesday, May 24th and must be in their designated areas; line-up will start at 2:30 pm.

  • Students who fail to comply with the assigned dress code will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony.

  • Personal items, including purses and cell phones are prohibited on the floor of the VBC during the graduation ceremony.
  • Students must walk in a dignified manner during the processional, moving to and across the stage to receive their diploma cover, and during the recessional.
  • In order to maintain a safe environment for all, students and parents must not bring or use any “celebratory items” at any time during the ceremony or after receiving their diploma cover. “Celebratory items” include, but are not limited to, silly string, toilet paper, noisemakers, and inflatable items.

Tossing your cap after you’ve been pronounced graduates WILL BE permitted. Please watch for Mr. Shaw's signal to toss your caps.

Administration reserves the right to determine what behaviors will be determined unsuitable for the occasion. The ceremony will be filmed and reviewed by school administration. For a student who chooses not to comply with the safety guidelines, the following consequences will result:

  • All counselor and administrator recommendations will be revoked.
  • The student will complete 40 hours of community service to be determined, assigned, and completion approved by school administration.
  • Diplomas will be held until the completion and approval of the community service hours.

Top 10% and Honor Students

Top 10% will be announced at graduation practice at SHS on May 23 at 4 PM. Students will be able to purchase Honor Cords at that time.

Ticket Information

Each graduating senior will receive nine tickets. There are sometimes extra tickets and those will be in the "Will Call" area at the VBC for anyone who would like to check before the ceremony.

**Every guest requiring a seat will need a ticket to get into the VBC Arena: Babies who are held would not, but children 2-3 yrs old who would need a seat, will require a ticket.

Caps/Gowns and Ticket Pick Up- UPDATE

Graduation caps, gowns and tickets may be picked up at these times:

  • May 16 from 11:50 AM- 1:50 PM in Gym 1
  • May 17 from 11:50 AM- 1:50 PM in Gym 1

Only the student will be allowed to pick up graduation tickets. If you’d like to authorize someone else to pick up your tickets, this permission must be provided to Ms. Haynes in writing. The person picking up your tickets will need to show identification.

VBC Parking Information

  • The Von Braun Civic Center (VBC) doors open at 2:00 pm on May 24. Your parents and guests can come at that time. Graduates must be present no later than 2:00 p.m.
  • This information is subject to change: If you park for rehearsal on VBC parking lots you may not be charged. If you park on the City lot you will have to pay $5.00, but if you save that ticket you will not have to pay again that day if you park in the same lot.

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  • Black dress or black slacks and black shoes(ABSOLUTELY NO FLIP FLOPS!). Hosiery is not required. Keep jewelry to a minimum: only small earrings and a watch.


  • Black pants, black socks and shoes(ABSOLUTELY NO FLIP FLOPS!), white shirt, dark tie.
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Diplomas- UPDATE

  • Diploma Pickup will be immediately after the graduation ceremony. Please see your homeroom teacher in the designated area(TBA).

  • Only the graduate will be allowed to pick up diploma packets.
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Graduation Video- Order

Link will be posted at a later date.
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