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Family Car Rentals

New to the Gold Coast - Family Car Rentals

Although there are occasions when local residents need to hire a rental car - for a special trip, because their usual car is in the garage in need of urgent repairs, has been involved in an accident or similar - the majority of the time it are newcomers to the area who need to use the services of a rental car company.

For this reason I thought it would be a good idea to provide a little inside information and background knowledge about driving on the Gold Coast in family car rentals and similar.

When you rent a family car there might be one or two children who will be travelling in the car. Here is a quick outline about the rules and regulations regarding driving with children on the Gold Coast.

Children (and adults) must be correctly restrained at all times. Below 6 months of age they must be in a rear facing infant seat, between 6 months and 4 years of age they may travel in a forward facing child seat with a built in harness and between the ages of 4 and 7 years they may travel in a booster seat or on a booster cushion with either a secure harness or using the general seat belt in the vehicle.

Driving Infringements
If you pick up any fines for driving infringements during your stay on the Gold Coast you may be permitted to pay them online. This is available for some fines which have been manually served for things like parking infringements. However, the notice may not be available on-line until around a week after the infringement has taken place and can take up to three weeks.

If it is more convenient for you it may be possible to pay for infringements over the telephone or by standard mail. Details of these will be provided on the reverse side of the ticket, so take a look and see what it says.

The Gold Coast truly is a fabulous place to visit and drive and the majority of visitors do not have any problems at all. Just remember these few details on your next visit with children – driving on the Gold Coast in family car rentals is a terrific way to get about and enjoy all that the beautiful area has to offer. Remember, drive carefully.

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