Starting Your Origami Owl Business

Welcome to the Sisterhood of the Sparkling Owlz

Welcome to Origami Owl!

I would like to congratulate you in making the decision to join Origami Owl as an Independent Designer!


our Sisterhood of the Sparkling Owlz!

We know that when we truly believe we can achieve!

I invite you to watch this is a short video with a Welcome from the Origami Owl Nest. It includes some GREAT tips on how to jumpstart your new business!

Click here -->

password: oonewdesigners

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DREAM BIG - TOP TEN ------------------------------> What to do while you are waiting for you kit...

1. Read this cover to cover!

2. Find your table basics - owl, necklace stand & table cloth.

3. Make your HOT 100 list and A.L.I.C.E. (details are in here....)

4. Set up your PayQuicker account (instructions via email) This is how you will get paid!

5. Create an Origami Owl email account just for your business

6. Explore the back office, study Product Points of difference, your website and TOM.

7. TELL EVERYONE!!! Wear your necklace daily and make a social media (FB, instagram, pinterest, twitter, linked in) announcement about your new business

8. Set a launch date (coordinate early so your mentor can attend!)

9. Ask three friends or family members to host a jewelry bar to help you start your business- remind them that you will spoil them with FREE jewelry!

10 Write down your goals and your WHY ... DREAM BIG!


Why did you decide to become a Designer with Origami Owl?

Write it down and look back on it regularly… and don’t be surprised if it grows as you travel on this journey.

Always keep that reason in your mind and in your heart and it will help you to achieve success.

We all know that Origami Owl was started by the hopes and dreams of a 14-year-old girl named Bella Weems. Her dream was to buy a car when she turned 16. With the support and help from her mom, her dreams came true.

Check out these links to give you more information about how Origami Owl started and where we are today:

Bella's Journey

Origami Owl's Core Values

And how to run your business...
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Origami Owl: Core Values

Our "Family Tree"

First of all, lets talk about our "Family Tree" so you know who people are talking about when names are being thrown out there!

Origami Owl has seven Designers who are the "Direct to Corporate Designers"

Jane Alger, Tami and Madison Butcher, Kimberlie Harrell, Heidi Russell, Karla Savage, Maggie Stephens, and Kristine Stevens.

We are part of Tami Butcher's nest. Tami, Madison & Tatum are an amazing Mother Daughter Team!

Here is what your Success-line may look like: (using my team and me as an example)

1.Tami Butcher- Senior Director "Team Believe"

2. Jennifer Jefferies O’Brien – Executive Team Leader and my mentor

3. Tiffany Barnes, Senior Team Leader (me)

4. You or your Mentor -- WOW!!

As you can see, you are not down a line of so many leaders that you will get lost in the mix or will get so confused by names and scratch your pretty head wondering, "Who is she?" It is pretty special to know that only a few leaders are above you! Can you say ground floor opportunity?

Mother/Daughter Team: Tami & Madi

What is O2?

When you make a photocopy do you ever think Xerox? When you need to wipe a tear or blow your nose do you think tissue or kleenex?

When you think glass locket and fashion forward customizable jewelry ... we are on a mission for everyone to think Origami Owl. We want our brand name to be THE name in living lockets.

The Nest is on a mission to make Origami Owl a household name. Our products stand out from the rest because of quality, unique/custom designs, Bella's story and the unparalleled customer service you provide. When asked about "other" lockets, you can say, yes I've heard about them... but let me tell you about Origami Owl....

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Check out O2's Career Plan!

If your goal is to build a team, then check out what awaits you on the career plan. EXCITING!

Where do you see yourself in 3 months? 6 months? On your 1 year Owl-versary?

Should you wait to mentor... NO! Do it now! Share the excitement. And grow together with your team in this business. Your mentor can help all of you!

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Important Contact Information

Take a moment to add Origami Owl's contact info to your cell phone contacts.

Designer Care:


Please CONTACT US and someone from our Designer Care Team will assist you.
You can also call our Designer Care team at (888) 491-0331, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. MST. and click on contact us and use the contact form


Origami Owl

Returns Department

500 N. 54th Street,

Chandler, AZ 85226

And last but not least, make sure your Mentor's phone number is saved into your cell phone's contacts too

Tiffany Barnes, Origami Owl Independent Designer/ SeniorTeam Leader 11380


Your Mentor:_________________________________________________________

Getting started…

Now that you know a little background information, let's talk about what to do next:

*Pay particular attention to Origami Owl's Policies & Procedures

I recommend you print the P&P’s, place them in a binder for reference or keep a copy on your desktop for easy reference.

*Get familiar with your back office

– via Designer Log in

A best practice in running your Origami Owl business is to log into your back office daily. Twice daily is even better. You never know when there is going to be an important announcement, change or product update. Any news we receive will be communicated through the back office and the O2 Lounge

The O2 Lounge section contains a plethora of wonderful training information and supporting materials. Just remember that as with any new company - things have and will change continuously. So as you go further back in the archives you may get conflicting information. The most recent is usually the most current but if you have questions, please ask!

Webinars: Monday webinars are posted each week and can be listened to when it is convenient for you. They contain a great deal of helpful information. There are also at times Thursday night training webinars and the Owlets (12- 17 year old designers) have a monthly webinar. Check your back office on Mondays to get the topic of discussion. It is recommended that you stay up to date on the webinars because new company information will be provided.

* Start Living Your Dreams Utilize that great spiral bound book that came with your starter kit. It is a wonderful training guide. Read it cover to cover – multiple times. It includes checklists and how to do your first Jewelry Bar. Think of it as your road map.

Product Points of Difference

*Study our products -- Points of Difference and your Take Out Menu (aka TOM). It is important that you have product knowledge of what you are selling!

Your passion for Origami Owl will be key but know your products online and in the catalog. Your customers are going to be looking to you as an expert designer.

HELPFUL HINT: tab each section of your master/office copy of the catalog so you can easily flip to charms, dangles, tags, chains, plates or lockets

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Whooo do you know and Whooo should you tell about your new business...

Make a list of your HOT 100 contacts. The ALICE format is a great way to identify and regularly revisit your contacts.

Don't hold back! Try not to decide for others whether they will be interested or not.


Let your friends, family and contacts decide for themselves. Your job is to share our product, our hostess opportunity and the business opportunity. And it is ok if someone says no. It may be no, not right now. It may be no, never. But never does it mean No I don't like you.

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The O2 Look

Your Jewelry Bar Display

You will need to plan on sticking with the O2 branding colors of teal, white and linen. Remember to keep your table set up "Clean" and professional. The Jewelry needs to be the focal point.

Things to get:

*table cloth (white or teal --match with an O2 take out box to be sure)

*white owls –

>Target, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Hobby Lobby, Amazon and other thrifty

shops are a great source of owls.

>Make sure your owls are cute/beautiful (some owls are not...)

>1 or 2 owls should be sufficient depending on their size.

*Chain and dangle displays. There is no set method of displaying these items

>Linen Busts- linen

>Utilize inexpensive ideas....

*a tree branch spray painted white or silver and put in a vase or

*2-3 beautiful bottle to display a necklace.

*a frame (8X10) for your O2 sign included in your kit.

If you have any questions about what is appropriate and within the Origami Owl branding, please feel free to ask. I've even received emails and texts asking... does this look right?

We want our guests to be able to walk up to our Jewelry Bar table and know "ORIGAMI OWL" without even seeing a posted sign or logo

More about the O2 Look

All marketing material must be approved by the NEST. The awesome thing is that so much is already done!
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Facebook – as a inspiration and training resource

TEAM BELIEVE and Sisterhood of the Sparkling Owlz

Team Facebook Pages

If you are on Facebook, please ask your Mentor to add you to our team pages.

Team pages are wonderful resources for support and there is a group of fabulous women who are ready to welcome you and help you out!

Please do not post anything negative on the page. Any and all frustrations or complaints and venting will be removed from the page.

Our team facebook page is for support and inspiration. The intent of our FB team page is to create a positive environment where asking questions, celebrations, sharing ideas, and encouragement are the main topics and posts.

If you have issues or concerns, a personal message or conversation with your Mentor is the best approach. She will be more than glad to help you. Please be sure to communicate with her when you have questions or concerns. That is why she is your Mentor. Your mentor is your first point of contact for any questions and will work with you to get the answers.


See Marketing for details on creating your business facebook fanpage.


Wear your necklace EVERYWHERE!

Business Cards:

Order beautiful and high quality, pre-designed business card at:

We can only order cards through this site. The Nest established this requirement in an effort to maintain consistent marketing/ branding and company image.


PayQuicker: the new way to get paid with Origami Owl!

And use your cute little card to strike up a conversation...


Set up a Facebook business page and share it with your friends and family!


Remember to present yourself in O2 style online and offline

Watch this video from the Nest:

password: oocall and fast forward to min 9:58. Great and simple instructions!

You can also access documents on our Team Page.

Go to Files and scroll down to

Facebook Fanpage Tips and Tricks.docx

Creating a Facebook Fanpage.docx

Please make sure to follow the Policies and Procedures as listed in section:

Facebook + Social Media Guidelines Section 4.5 (pg. 11)

Your facebook fanpage name has to be

Origami Owl- your name, Independent Designer

Now you can add PICTURES! and whatever you would like.

Remember, the most successful business pages on Facebook do not only post about selling their product. They engage their audience with other posts. This may involve fashion, motivational quotes, and something about your life- after all, you want these people to get to know YOU as a person, not a salesperson.

You are now a representative of Origami Owl. Please make sure your posts reflect the company you represent and YOU in a good light.

Do not post anything that may offend others or cause controversy. We all come from different backgrounds, and have different beliefs. We all have our own story- that is what Origami Owl is all about- telling our stories, which are all different! As we celebrate our diversity, always choose to be respectful. We never know who is looking at our page.


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Finding the Balance

Time Management and consistency is a huge factor in building your business.

Everyday you should be doing something to grow your business~

Wear your jewelry.

share your excitement.

LIVE WITH INTENTION - if you intend on booking jewelry bar -- you will.

Set a schedule.

Commit time to your business. Even if it is 15 minutes.

Set office hours.

Set goals and put in place the steps to achieve them.

Even a trip to the dentist, sports practice, dry cleaners or drug store becomes a marketing opportunity.

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As a mentor what is your role?

>>>>>I am in the business of helping other women start and grow their business.

>>>>>I offer the opportunity for others to earn money, to have a debt free holiday or vacation, to achieve their dreams.

"Mentoring is a developmental partnership through which one person shares knowledge, skills, information and perspective to foster the personal and professional growth of someone else. The power of mentoring is that it creates a one-of-a-kind opportunity for collaboration, goal achievement and problem-solving."

Mentoring is a commitment. You may not feel ready to mentor someone and that is OK! If you do not have that aspect of the business on your goal list, please let your mentor know of any one you meet so she can share the opportunity.

As a mentor, your role will be to

  • Provide your contact information
  • Ensure they understand that you are their first point of contact
  • Be available to answer questions in a timely manner
  • Understand their reasons and intent for joining the team; support their goals
  • Help them choose a business launch date
  • Provide them with coaching tips and suggestions for her first 30 days
  • Explain and review the ordering and payment process
  • Encourage participation in Training Calls
  • Review the Career Plan and explain how they will make money and the value of mentoring
  • Continue to coach, guide and mentor via regular (weekly and monthly) communication

The initial days and weeks of your new Designer's business are critically important in developing a solid foundation. Please reach out to your new team member as soon as possible to offer your support and knowledge.

You will want to ensure that they know where to go in order to get questions answered and that you will be their first point of contact for guidance and training. Your support and encouragement early on will make all the difference to their success!

And don't forget our Owlette Program and the opportunity for 12-17 year olds to join with a parent or guardian.

If you love what you do… SHARE IT!

You Have Three Offerings from O2 to share

1. Our beautiful jewelry

2. Hostess Opportunity

3. Designer Opportunity

Please feel free to contact your Mentor if you have any questions. We are here to help and happy to do so. Thank you for giving us the privilege of sharing this journey with you. The leaders on Team Believe look forward to getting to know you and helping you reach YOUR goals -- whatever they might be!

About Me

My name is Tiffany Barnes. I am mom to Ben and Sam; my wonderful boys. I am wife to David – my sand dollar promise. With a name like Tiffany - I have always loved jewelry. I have been involved in sales and management for most of my career. I have also been on a lifetime quest to figure out how to sustain the sparkle that comes from inside…

Origami Owl has blessed my life in so many ways. It has given me the opportunity to be a working mom but still be at home for my two lovely boys. A balance I thought unattainable. O2 has blessed me with the opportunity to connect with other women – team members and customers – many who I now call friend. I have ensured that I am NOT a dinosaur in the sales and marketing field by re-educating myself in the marketing tools of this new era (Facebook, smartphones, Pinterest and Twitter were not part of the marketing mix when I left work to have my youngest!)

Through the personal connections I have made through O2, my faith has been reaffirmed and strengthened. And as I go into my second year of business, FAITH is my focus. Origami Owl renewed my confidence in my abilities and myself at a fragile time in my life.

I am able to contribute to my immediate and extended family’s expenses, work toward and achieve goals; and be a great example to my two sons who help me with my business. Through mentoring I have been able to share in a way I never anticipated. It was as if every work experience and my life path, led me to this time and place to experience a new kind of success – soulfully and financially rewarding.

I am forever grateful to Chrissy & Bella Weems, our founders; to my mentors – Jennifer O’Brien and Tami Butcher. And to my best friend for telling me about Origami Owl even when she was trying to recruit me to her direct sales business. She knew this was “me”.

I am grateful to my very first designer, who I have had the joy of mentoring. She inspired me to build my team. And I am thankful for each and every one of you reading this - we are all growing together!