Ocean Bike Tours

David Rosero

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Bike Prices

Adult Price:

1- $25.00

2- $50.00

3- $75.00

4- $100.00

5- $125.00

Student Price:

1- $10.00

2- $20.00

3- $30.00

4- $40.00

5- $50.00

Below is a map where bikers and campers may tour around
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The Schedule

Ocean Bike Tours is open

Mon-Fri 6:00a.m-8:00p.m

Sat-Sun 12:00p.m- 8:00p.m


Bike Tours Does not provide:

Gloves, Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Sunscreen

Bike Tours Do Provide:

Water- $1.00

Helmet- $5.50

Glasses- $5.00

Bike Clothes- $15.00

Tents- $20.00

Sleeping Bags- $20.00

The Food

Bikers Will be able to bring snacks, but if they go camping for 3 days then they can pay in advance and food will be delivered at request.

Paying In Advance for food is a total of $25.00

Below Are Table and Graph
Our bike rental offers real great deals around the area. Our prices at are best, so the customers are happy and so are we. We have great working hours and our table and graph show the prices for an easier understanding.