Morquio Syndrome

A Disease that Makes you Little; A Problem that is big

What is it?

Morquio Syndrome is a birth defect that happens in one out of 200,000 births. It gets worse as a child grows. According to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, “children with Morquio syndrome, the body cannot break down sugar chains called glycosaminoglycans that help build bone, cartilage, eye corneas, skin and connective tissue.”You will start getting symptoms at ages 1 through 3. Symptoms are widely spaced teeth, a big head, bell shaped chest. Tests and Exams that are taken. Hearing test, X-ray, and Eye exam. In the test and Exams you might find enlarged liver, lose of nerves, and Heart murmur. For treatment there are many ways to treat the Syndrome because it affects different parts of the body systems.

According to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, “At The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, we practice collaborative, family-centered care. A team of expert clinicians — including leading physicians, pediatric nurses, physical and occupational therapists, psychologists and other specialists — will partner with you in the care of your child.”

“Mosquio is an inherited condition that affects major organ systems in the body.” By Victimize. Prevention “Genetic counseling is recommended for prospective parents with a family history of Morquio syndrome. Counseling is also recommended for families who have a child with Morquio syndrome to help them understand the condition and possible treatments. Prenatal testing is available” (“The New York Times).

It is sad how this people have to live with being small and cant do same of the things that others their age do.

Annabelle's Journey

Annabelle was diagnosed early for a kid with the Syndrome. At 4 mouths they found a peculiar curve in her lower back. At mouth 6 they confirmed that Annabelle has Morquio Syndrome. There was no cure, little research, and no treatment. At two she had her first big surgery to decompress her cervical spinal cord. Within two weeks she was moving and dancing just like a normal kid. At 4 years old she had her second and third big surgeries to fix both hips. It was painful for her to walk because of her hip. She had a cast from chest to ankles for 6 weeks. It took a year of physical therapy for 5 days a week to learn the walk, crawl, and climb stairs. They are excited for her future.

Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen

An x-ray is a picture of the inside of your body. The x-ray can make a shadow of the image such as bones, some organs, injuries, and some signs of disease. Inside the machine is a tube that is called, "x-ray tube." A special gun shoots high energy electrons. X-rays are just like electromagnetic radiation.

X-rays are used to create an image of your organs and bones. The radiation passes through your body to make the image. Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen invented X-rays in 1895. He was born on March 27, 1845. When he was three years old his family moved to the Netherlands to a boarding school. In 1862 in went to a different school. Then he invented the x-ray image for bones. he was a great inventor.

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