BHMS Family Update

March 29, 2021

Friday Expectations

Starting Friday, April 9th all students will be expected to follow their Friday schedule and remote into all of their classes.

The expectations is students will be working mostly in break out rooms. Students who need additional support will work directly with their teacher. Those who do not need the additional support will be working on independent asynchronous work while on the Zoom call. Teachers will also use this time to check in on students.

Asynchronous Survey Sent out by 7th period teacher

Please be on the lookout for a survey sent out by your child's 7th period teacher. Please know this survey is meant to respond in general about how things are going overall with the asynchronous work that has been provided, not specifically to your child's 7th period teacher.

In addition, please identify specific classes your child may need additional supports. We are also asking for any classes you feel your child could be challenge more with the work provided.

Incoming 7th and 8th Grade Electives form for 21-22 School Year.

Please take a minute to talk to your child about which electives they would like to take next year. Please have the form completed by April 5th.

Electives Course Guide

7th and 8th Grade Electives Request Form

Incoming 5th and 6th Grade Band and/or Choir registration

If you would like your child to be registered for Band and/or Choir please complete the following form by April 5th

Band and Choir Registration Form

8th Grade Graduation

Please be on the look out for more information to be coming out about 8th grade graduation soon!

Attendance Procedures

Beginning today, March 29th, 2021 the listed guidelines will be followed when entering attendance. These changes come as the result of expectations from the Illinois State Board of Education to document learning time for all students both in person and remote.

Core Teachers

  • Any student who is in attendance for hybrid (in person) will be marked "Present"
  • Any student, even those expected hybrid, who attend on zoom will be marked "Remote"
  • If a student is not present in person or remotely will be marked "Absent"


  • Student attendance will now be marked in Skyward
  • All electives/PE students will be marked either "Remote" or "Absent"
  • Use the following scenarios to guide attendance tracking
    • Monday is an A day and Tuesday is a B day: If a student has A day PE and B day Spanish, and the child is absent on Monday, the PE teacher will enter the absence on Monday, and the Spanish teacher will mark it on Tuesday.
    • Please NOTE, teachers will not be able to do 'future' attendance a day ahead. Attendance for the "second day" will be enter the day of, not the day before.

All Teachers

  • On Fridays, all students will be marked "Remote" or "Absent

5E Survey

Please take a minute to complete the following State Mandated Survey. We use this information to help support future plans

5E Survey

Expanding Safe Center at Middle School

Because of the change in the health guidelines we are now able to open more spots in our safe center. We will be following the social distancing guidelines of 3-6 feet. This will give us more space and opportunity for students to attend. Please reach out to your grade level AP to request a spot for you child.

Mrs. Mullen 5th/6th AP:

Ms. Meek 7th/8th AP: