Lunchtime Norms

What is Appropriate Lunchtime Behavior @ HJSH?

Lunchtime Reminders

  • Treat your food with respect. We don't charge money for breakfast or lunch, but it's not free.
  • This should go without saying, but throwing food or tossing food is childish and unacceptable.
  • There are no basketball hoops in the commons. Making a 3-point attempt or showing off your jump shot with your trash isn't okay. Walk to the trashcans and dispose of your trash like an adult.
  • Pick up after yourself. It's not the custodian's job to clean up after you.
  • It's annoying taking food off another person's tray. It's stealing and bullying. No one will want to sit with you. If you are still hungry after you've been through the lunch line, let an adult know and we'll get you more food.
  • The staff supervising lunches are there to make sure students are safe and following the rules. If someone asks or directs you to do something, look at the person and say, "okay" and do it right a way.
  • Lunchtime should be a relaxing time with your friends. Don't be the person who's loud and obnoxious.
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Lunchtime Procedures

  • There will be two lunches each day. The first lunch will be for grades 6th - 8th. The second lunch will be for grades 9th - 12th.
  • The gym will be open during lunches. Students can choose to get their lunch right away or go to the gym before they get their lunch. It's the student's responsibility to get their lunch.
  • Students will not be on the hallways during lunches.
  • Appropriate language and behavior will be expected at all times during lunch (this includes PDA expectations).