Pets vs Cages

Thomas Sutter

Once upon a time there was a cat named leroe and an american Eskimo dog named venchenzo they don’t like each other but unless someone catches them. The dog was in the woods walking around doing it’s business. The dog heard a strange noise and got scared. All of a sudden he heard BANG and he got caught in a net. He was trapped in the cage for 3 hours.

Then the cat came along the dog said, “help me i'm caught!” The cat clawed the dog out of the net.

The dog said thank you if this happens to you i will help. The cat is walking in the woods a man comes out of nowhere and takes the cat she screams help and the dog hears. The dog comes to help and scratches the man's eyes out.

''The cat says thank you''. You are a really good friend. Maybe we should play fetch with each other sometime asks the cat. YES that would be great. Let's play hide and seek OK says the dog you hide first. Ok i will says the cat. You count first venchenzo OK leroe. Leroe says i´m ready he is in a tree. Venchenzo says i'm coming. Venchenzo says i see you and leroe doesn't reply

. Venchenzo comes up behind leroe and scares her and she falls out of the tree and dies. THE venchenzo starts crying in the tree and leroe brother pushes venchenzo out of the tree and venchenzo dies. Leroes brother ended up getting married and killed by his wife the german sheppard deep in the forest. The key of the story is if you want to be treated with respect then treat that person with respect.