Christmas in Germany!!

They celebrate from Dec 1st till the 25th.

History and traditions of a German Christmas.

The kids believe St.Nicholas leave candy in there shoes.They have a 600 year old market with sells all Christmas things starting at the 1st day of Christmas such as decorations and gifts .They usually put cards in there windows seal and they decorate it with sugar and glitter so Christ kind can see it.Germany starts at the first Sunday in December and they light a red candle till Christmas.

How long is Christmas celebrated in Germany?

Germany Celebrates from December 1st till Christmas.But they celebrate mostly on the 24th.On the 25th they usually eat and sit around with their families.They also go and sing Christmas carols.

What food do Germans eat on Christmas.

Germany usually eat geese, duck, bread, dumplings, chestnuts, red cabbage, onions, and apples.They also drink mulled wine, fire tong punch, and achola.For dessert they have Achernar print-en, Berlin, carrot cake, cheesecake, and Bechtel.

Symbols and decoratioins

They usually put multiple Christmas trees up. They also sing and they read from the bible.They also put little light bulbs or small candels up instead of regular lights.They make small figures of such as Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the Shepard's and the 3 Wise man.

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Germans Santa

Christkind is there Santa and he does leave gifts.Germany thanks of Christkind as a angel.Christkind is a girl with wings and a crown. Christkind clothing is a white dress with gold spot and a gold cloak.

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