Stock Market Simulation

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Overall Gain/Loss



Ended up in 15th place

Stock Purchase Strategy

I bought major brand companies that I knew had a large customer basis. later in the game, I realized that I should buy stock that would be used in the upcoming holidays, for example "General Mills".

Selling Stock Strategy

I sold only stock in the beginning. I realized Priceline was only hurting me, and I wasted a lot of money buying it, so i sold it for much less than what I bought it for. I also sold Pepsi and Dr. Peper because they were not making much of any money at all, and were eventually going to go back down.

Top Money Maker

General Mills

Top Money Loser



General Mills went up significantly the last couple weeks of November and the first week of December, it reached almost $500 one day, but i thought maybe it would go up farther, and it did not. It actually significantly dropped the one day. I also noticed Priceline continually dropping within the days after I bought it, so I sold it to not lose any more money.


I actually did not research any of the stocks before I bought them. I knew what companies were big, and I used the companies we spoke about in class when we did our individual research.

What did I learn?

I learned that i will not be investing in the stock market any time soon. I need to learn a lot more about it before I actually invest in it for real. I also noticed that people need to devote their time into the stock market to actually make a living off of it.