Mary Wollstonecraft

Born April 27,1759 Died September 10,1797 at age 38.

Biography Information

She had a poor education.Her job,she was an English writer,philosopher,and advocate of women's rights.She was known for a Vindication of the rights of women.

Beliefs on goverment

My figure is the she wanted woman to be equal.She declared woman to have an education.Also all woman to have rights to life,liberty,and persuite of happiness.
Mary Wollstonecraft


:She is a grate writer and philosopher

:She died after her daughter was 11

:she wrote a famous writing/A Vindication of the rights of woman

most popular work

The peace called A vindication of the rights of woman.It's about the rights woman should have and some oppinouns wrote by Mary Wollstonecraft her self.