Panther Pride

Norfolk Junior High

By: Maddie Neal

Girl in Shock After Startled by Spider

On August 3, 2006, Little Miss Muffet was sitting under the old tree in Marcus Phil Park one afternoon eating her curds and way. A spider came down from the tree and sat on Muffet’s shoulder. Miss Muffet was so startled she fell off her tuffet and fell into a deep daze. She then got up, thinking the spider was on her. After she went into her daze, she fell on the spider and squished it. After she got the imaginary spider off her, she ran down to a market where Three Blind Mice were working. She busted through the door and bolted to the desk and asked where she was. Before the Blind Mice could answer she was already out the door. Then the Blind Mice called the police and the ambulance. After arriving to the shop and looking for Miss Muffet, they found her in the public outhouse. She was then rushed to the hospital because she was found with a concussion and a broken leg.

By: Maddie Neal

Michael Jackson

By: Maddie Neal

Do you miss “The King of Pop” just as much as the rest of America? Here are 11 facts all about Mr. Michael Jackson, his career, and so much more.

As most of you know Michael Jackson was in a group with his siblings called “The Jackson 5.” Michael Jackson, after years of experience with his siblings, he went solo because he was the lead singer of the group and felt like he was doing all the work. As most know, Michael has had one surgery which was in 1979 because he fell on his face. Some say Michael also got the surgery because as a child his father would make fun of the way his nose looked. R. Kelly and Quincy Jones wrote the majority of his lyrics. Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana on August 29, 1958. Michael died on June 25, 2009. Michael’s best selling song was Thriller. He had three kids named Prince Michael Jackson the second, Michael Joseph Jackso, Jr., and Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson.

Michael has definitely left his mark on Earth and it is tragic to think he is gone. His music will be remembered along with his spirit. Rest in Paradise.

Love Amazing Apps?

Ruzzle is an amazing app that has you verse a friend or a random person and gives you a random arrangement of letters and gives you two minutes to find as many words as you can. It is such a fun and addicting game. Every round gives you three tries to find as many words as you can. You can also verse someone who is your friend on Facebook. Ruzzle definitley deserves five stars and will have you always coming back to the app and have you playing constantly. Yet you will never be able to get annoyed.

By: Maddie Neal

Lilo and Stitch

By: Maddie Neal

Lilo and Stitch is an amazing family film that will have you smiling throughout the entire movie. Lilo is a young girl who lives with her older sister, Nani. Lilo wants to get a pet, that’s where Stitch comes in. Lilo soon figures out Stitch is not a normal pet. He isn’t a pet at all! Stitch has escaped from space and has found Lilo and has made her his new family. This movie is extraordinary, with the help of it’s actors and actresses. Lilo is voiced over by Daveigh Chase, Stitch is voiced over by Chris Sanders, and Nani is voiced over by Tia Carrere. This movie takes place in the beautiful state of Hawaii. The movie was made in 2002. This movie has a rating of PG. The moral of this film is “Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.” I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. My personal take on this film is it has an amazing meaning and will touch the hearts of many and keep a smile on your face.
Lilo & Stitch - Trailer

School Uniforms? NO!

By: Maddie Jane Neal
There are many schools debating to have school uniforms. Personally I think school uniforms are a disgrace. They hold kids back from expressing themselves in what they wear. That would just be taking away another privilege that we have. I also think school uniforms are very ugly and look terrible! They don’t let kids show their personality. Some kids don’t like wearing what everyone else does, like it’s too mainstream. School uniforms also cost more, not everyone has enough money for regular clothes.