Friday August, 9, 2013

Happy Friday Scholars

Do Now

  1. Place any new school supplies underneath the white board
  2. Work on completing your time capsule.
  3. Once you have completed everything for your time capsule place it all in the ziplock bag on the corner of your desk.
  4. Choose a book in the library and begin independent reading.
  5. If you have things to decorate your writing journal or filled out parent surveys please put them on top of your planner.


Is our brain growing?

Time to check the length of our brain!

Be ready to plot some points :)

Incase of Indoor Recess...

Board games are located in the closet behind Ms. Chafin's desk

It is the supply managers job to get out the bucket of games... NO ONE else should be in Ms. Chafin's closet

During indoor recess we should have 6 inch voices

You may choose a successful spot for recess... as long as your successful!

Introducing you to...

The University of Texas at Austin


Inquirer... I can ask questions!

Ms. Chafin's Ranch Hands

Learn about classroom jobs and how to apply!

Big image


Please write in complete sentences... make it something you are proud of!

The Writing Journal

  • Writing is a way to be creative and express yourself
  • Your writing journal is for YOU!
  • Ms. Chafin will sometimes read your journals. If there is something you do not want me to read, fold the page in half.

Time to Create...15 mins

Writing Expectations

  • We are thinking and writing the entire time.
  • We do not talk during writing time. You will always get a chance to share your writing after quiet writing time.
  • Always re-read your writing then add ideas and make it even better.
  • Write very neatly and use your best handwriting.
  • Be yourself and express yourself!
  • Have fun with your writing and love what you write!

Time to Write...30 mins

Writing Ideas:

  • Write about something you did this summer
  • Write about your favorite school experience
  • Write about a time you were surprised

Sharing our Writing

After we write, you will always have time to share your writing and experiences when it is your turn.

How can we respect scholars with our words and actions when they share their writing?

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Time to Share

I really like the way you _______ because__________!

I love ____________ because ___________!

You are really good at _____________ because __________!

Charlie the Ranch Dog

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Big image

Reading is Thinking!

We do our best thinking when it is SILENT!

How do readers choose books?


Big image

Science... the beauty of LIFE


Big image

Texas History... the ALAMO!