Web 2.0 for Student Instruction

Professional Development 11/6/2012


"Literacy has changed dramatically and continues to change. As learners and leaders, our skills need to change as well."
Wesley Fryer, Playing with Media: Simple Ideas for Powerful Sharing 2011


The only way you will become comfortable using these (or other Web 2.0 tools) with your students is to play with these sites. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks - and your students would be thrilled to teach you.


Simple but Free

Easy to learn, image and text only. Teacher creates a project code - student use code to access. Headlines (Fancy Text), text boxes, built in clipart, "Search the web"-flickr only, upload saved image. Can erase background in images; add drop shadow, glow. Students can view each others work. WARNING: some included clip art images are not appropriate for school projects - pistols, adult beverages.

iPad - can view not edit/create requires flash browser.



Complex - Paid with Free Option

Easy to use but options may bog students down. Can include images, graphics, active links, video, audio - lots of bells and whistles. Teachers can register for a free account with 10 student sub accounts; paid accounts 50 student or 200 student. WARNING: make sure your students use edu.glogster to avoid possible inappropriate Glogs.

iPad - app is only a reader, cannot create - requires flash browser

Edmodo - there is a Glogster community

Livebinder - can embed Glogster


Simple to Create Video Slideshow

Teacher registers and receives a code students can use to register. All accounts require email. Animoto requests teachers use gmail + accounts when setting up student accounts. Animotos are really simple to create, choose your style (not all styles are available on the free accounts), upload images, put them in order. Add text, choose music and allow Animoto to make magic. Use the music built in or upload your own. You can adjust timing (default is medium). Finished videos can be emailed or downloaded. (MP4) Files are 360p, you can upgrade to 480p ($5) or HD 720p ($10).

iPad - requires Flash

Click the Voki link, then click play. Smore does not allow for embedding files.


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