Italian Renaisance


Background Information

The Itailain Renaisance started in Florence, Italy. It was started by the first artist who broke away from the Byzantine style of painting, Giotto di Bondone. It began because the people in Florence began to think differently about life. Before they believed life was all about hard work and war, but they found art and music could make life more enjoyable.

Contributing Artists

Michelangelo was known as the greatest artist on th Intailain Renaisance. His most famous and inspirational Antonio di Puccio Pisanpro of art was the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Lorenzo Ghibeti was a contributing artist to the early Renaisance. He was known for sculpture work and the Bronze Doors.

Antonio di Puccio Pisan was another artist of the Renaisance. He was inspirational with his famous murals and portraits.

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The Last Judgement

This is my favorite work of art from the Itailian Renaisance. It was painted by Michelangelo. I love the fantasy of this piece while being influenced by the Bible.


Lydia Woodruff