Exploring the Sciences of Today

By:Anne-Marie Thompson

Visiting the buddies of Science.

When you explore the Sciences of Today you have to know the 4 Organic compounds and the 6 Characteristics of Living Things. Learning the Characteristics of Living Things and the Organic Compunds is not hard. First let's go meet our scientific buddies. First let's meet the Characteristics of Living Things. First let's meet Cells. Cells are in everybody. In fact they are the basic building blocks of life. Cells wants to introduce you to Homeostasis. Homeostasis is your body's internal balance. Coughing, sneezing, vomiting, burping, and even letting out gas is caused by Homeostasis. Homeostasis want to take a walk with you to his friends house Evolution. Evolution is change over time. Take the horse for example. The horse had to evolve to survive the climates it lived in. Evolution wants to take you to meet her friend Heredity. Heredity is the passing of traits through reproduction. There are two types of heredity. Asexual Reprodution is the exact duplicate of traits. Sexual Reproduction is the mix of traits. You are an example of Sexual Reproduction. Before you say 'eeew' like I know some people will, think about it, you might have your dad's eyes and your mom's face or any number of combinatinations really. The point that I'm trying to get across is that you look like both your parents but some are more prominent than others. Those are your genes or DNA. Heredity is heading over to the park to meet her friend Energy, let's join her. You need energy to survive. Without energy you wouldn't be able to function. Energy is heading toward the lake to look for her friend Interdependance. Interdependance is when you depend on something else for your survival. Bees depend on pollen for survival. Deer depend on grass in the spring and summer and bark in the fall and winter. Those are examples of interdependance. Now that we've met our