Judson & Sawada Article Summary

By Toni Worden

"If junior high mathematics is integrated into a junior high science class, will student performance in mathematics, as indicated by conventional achievement test, be enhanced?"
Mr. J believes so and he set out to find out if we was correct. He teaches science.
His students go to Ms. Matheson for math daily.
Unit of study and length: Statistics and 3 weeks.
Mr. J is using inquiry and technology.
Ms. Matheson doesn' t want to use technology, not even graphing calculators.
Mr. J uses inquiry and the students are learning about things and creating the needed knowledge.
At the send of the 3 weeks - Mr. J's science students outperform the other science classes on the unit test.
He used inquiry, technology, and integration.
Ms. Matheson taught all of her classes the same.
The results showed that integrating math into the science classroom boosted math scores.
On a side note, it did not change the science scores, they were similar to earlier scores.