Canada in 2060


Approximately 250,000 immigrants come into Canada every year. 20.6% of Canada's population are immigrants. Cities are getting much more multicultural. Less people are entering Canada because immigration laws are getting more strict. In the year 2060 there are going to be much more elderly people than kids and people in the workforce due to the baby boomers.


Since many different kinds of immigrants enter Canada every year, communities are going to be more multicultural. If the conservative party is still ruling, the immigration laws are going to get more strict which limits immigrants. In the year 2060 the immigration rate will be more than what it is now because the highly populated countries are going to increase and people are going to have to move out.

First Nations

The Aboriginal people of Canada have faced many problems in the past and are still facing some like racism and many more. By the year 2060, First Nations people need to be treated equally and not face racism every day. In the future, I think the government will take the Indian Act out of play and the first nations population will grow which will increase the amount of people that follow their practices and rituals.


Looking at the trends from previous years, the number of births will be lower than the number of deaths which means that in the year 2060 Canada will be in stage 5. Due to more sinks ( single income no kids) and dinks ( double income no kids) the population will start to decrease.
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The Wunusweh Lecture in Aboriginal Law - Cindy Blackstock (March 10, 2014)


In conclusion, Canada will be in stage 5 by the year 2060. The birth rate will decrease and the death rate will increase. The government will take out the Indian Act and people will decrease the amount of racism that Aboriginals have to face. The First Nation population will increase which will help the number of people who speak their native language and follow their practices and rituals.


Canada in 2060 by aditi