World Hunger

A Problem Yet to be Fixed

Did you know?

One is five children in America go to bed hungry?

Hunger is the world number one health risk?

1 billion people live on 1 dollar a day?


One in seven people totally will go to bed hungry tonight.

One in four children are underweight in developing countries.

65% of the world hunger is in 7 countries, India, China, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Ethiopia


How bad do you think world hunger is? Probably worse than you think. You dont really notice it in Stilwell or Overland Park. But if you ever go downtown you might see a few homeless people but nothing more than a handful. But if you ever go to a big city like New York or Chicago you will probably see a lot more people. But you would never see as much as the people in China or Africa. No one really realizes how bad hunger is in the world, I bet most of them couldn't careless. Next time, listen it could just urge you to help.

Middle Schoolers Thoughts

"We just need to feed people." Cailey, 8th

"It's bad" Michael," 8th

"People need to eat less and share more." Will, 8th

"People in Africa have no where to grow crops, its all dirt" Camille 8th

Interesting Facts

  • 3 billion suffer from hunger

  • Every 3.6 seconds someone dies from hunger

  • Majority of north America are very low in number of people suffer from hunger

  • Only some parts of Africa, people suffer from hunger very badly

Make a Difference

Ways to help -

  • Help at soup kitchens in your community

  • Start small and you'll go far.