Expository Prodject

By Kobi shelby aka Sowhat10e

Cause and Effect / Problem and Solution

Most times people would use cause and effect to sometimes tell what happened,

and why it happened. Some people would get cause and effect mixed up with problem

and solution. But C & E is really just a method of writing used to develop reasons that support the text given- of an action that occurred in a event, for example; Cause: a tornado destroyed the town, Effect: Because hot air and cold air met and caused it to form a tornado. Problem and solution can sometimes be used to tell something happened and you want to find the antidote to fix it, or example; Problem: I have a big rash on my face how do I get rid of it? Solution: oh, you can go to the store or to your doctor and buy some vanishing cream. P & S also contains the word HOW, but in the form of a question, or contains the word WHY.

Watch this video and see if it helps you understand.

Problem-Solution Essay