INFJ, The Advocate

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What is an INFJ?

An INFJ is someone who has strong goals and will work with extreme determination to achieve them. INFJs are hard-workers, but rarely use their achievements to create advantages, but rather balance.
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Determined and Passionate

INFJs are extremely determined and passionate people. When INFJs find something they truly believe is important, they will work toward it with incredible conviction.

Sensitivity: Not Always a Good Thing

One major INFJ weakness is sensitivity. INFJs often have a strong response when their values or beliefs are challenged. Although INFJs are passionate, when their passions are criticized, they can become insecure.

Hard to Find, Hard to Keep

INFJs make up less than 1% of the human population. If you were to encounter an INFJ, they might not stick around. INFJs are incredible people-readers, can easily see past lies, and are very picky when it comes to relationships. INFJs seek long-term, strong ideal friendships as well as romantic relationships.