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About founder: Amber Rose Alvidrez

What is up people of the world I am here to introduce myself as you can read I'm Amber Rose Alvidrez an

8th grader attending the magnificent school of GEMS!!! I'm currently at the age of 14 turning 15 on January, 11th, 2016. Normally I'd fancy not getting into details of my life, but I am the youngest of my elder sister, my mom, and my dog named Harley.

back to the matter at hand I got into anime a long time ago my first anime I've ever watched was an old classic called Yu-Gi-Oh! and I loved it for about a year, later on in life

Naruto was everything to me, that show taught me so many life lessons and some amazing ninja moves!! ( like: Rasengan, shadow clone jutsu, sharingan, etc.)

currently into Attack on Titan which is taking FOREVER to make second season!!!!!

Now I can patiently wait for my shows continue to the end.

Sadly Naruto has finished in the manga (SPOILER ALERT!!!! Naruto becomes the seventh hokage, made amends with Sasuke Uchiha, and become a father of two children Borouto and Himawari.). Aside from anime I draw and quite good at it, I draw wolves and original characters. My life isn't over I'd say it just started!!!!!

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get," -Forest Gump

Attack on Titan advertisement

Without a doubt Attack on Titan is a true five star anime with a growing amount of fans, is it because of the characters? animation? story? or is it because it's an anime created by the man who brought us Death Note? Maybe all. So go on and watch Attack on Titan now, watch with your dog, grandma or maybe even your friends!