House of Representatives

Responsibilities and Specifics

Two year long terms

Voting in November of even numbered years

435 members run for reelection

Census Bureau takes census every 10 years

Elected by District

Reapportionment - population determines # of reps based on state


Speaker of the House

Most powerful leader

Presides over sessions of house

Appoints members of some committees

Schedules bills for action

Refers bills to house committee

Majority Leader

The speaker's top assistant

Helps plan party's legislative program

Majority Whip

Watches how the majority intends to vote on bills

Qualifications and Benefits

Must be at least 25 years old

Must be a citizen of the US for at least 7 years

Must be legal resident of state that elects them

Traditionally, they live in the district that elects them

Set their own salaries


Free postage for official business

A medical clinic


Minority Whip

Same as majority whip, but has no power over scheduling work in house