Speakeasies profit by Bootlegging

Speakeasies Association with Bootlegging brews up major cash

Gurpal B. | Writer Located on 24 Berrywood rd.

As time passes, Speakeasies in Canada are making major amounts of cash from bootlegging.

Results of Prohibition

Many folk are aware of prohibition, but likewise unaware of the results. After prohibition was passed, many things like Speakeasies and bootlegging took place. Speakeasies are illegal bar that are unaware by officials that lie behind stores and or other places. Code words and much are being used to keep these places a secret. These speakeasies would sell liquor and alcohol to people within the bar. Bootlegging is the production and distribution of liquor and alcohol illegally.

Results of Prohibition (Continued)

As expected, prohibition has caused many problems like crime, as stated previously. Into deeper analysis, one can see that it changed peoples drinking habits. Now instead of people being able to drink without law and worries where they can drink if wanted, now if they required the want to drink, they would need to do illegal things. This has caused drinking establishments such as speakeasies to sky rocket in terms of cash from the sales of alcohol.