Marine Biologist

Life science


  1. We study sea life.
  2. We discover new compounds that can make medication.
  3. We help give people sustainable seafood.

Cool facts

  • You're able to swim with sharks.
  • You're able to swim with sea turtles.
  • Able to swim with dolphins.
  • You'll be able to explore reefs.
  • Probably find new life forms.

Benefits to society

  • We help make medications.
  • We help feed people around the country

Education requirment

  • You need a Bachelor's or Master's degree for marine science
  • You need the study of marine biology, biology, or zoology.
  • PhD to be able to carry out your own research.

Personality needed for the job

  • Love of nature.
  • Love of oceans.
  • Creativety
  • Persistent
  • Curiosity


  • Minimum wage is $15,080
  • Annual wage is $48,320
  • Marine Biologist: $71,940

Job groth

From 2012-2022 we think were going to raise by 7-13%

Companies that hire in this field

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institution
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Scripps Institute of Oceanography