By: Hannnah Bleckiner

Come to Hawaii and Why

Hi, I am going to tell you some awesome reasons to come to Hawaii. First I think you should stay at the Mona Surfrider Hotel. After you stay there one night you should get a tour of Diamond Head Mountain! Then once you get bored you should come to Pearl Harbor! Pearl Harbor is a memorial for the bombing of the USS Arizona and other ships. The USS Arizona was loading to go fight Japan and then suddenly Japan had a plan to sneak up on them and bomb the harbor. After you have a long day in Pearl Harbor just go to the hotel and chillout for the rest of the day.

Hope you had fun!!

History of Hawaii

The Aloha State” became the 50th state in 1959, but the history of Hawaii goes back centuries earlier.

In the 20th century, sugar and pineapple plantations fueled Hawaii's economy bringing an influx of Japanese, Chinese, Filipino and Portuguese immigrants. Lanai, under the leadership of James Dole, became known as the “Pineapple Island,” after becoming the world’s leading exporter of pineapple. This mix of immigrant or different cultures is what makes Hawaii’s population so diverse today.

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on Oahu. Four years later, on September 2, 1945, Japan signed its unconditional surrender on the USS Battleship Missouri, which still rests in Pearl Harbor today. In 1959, Hawaii became the 50th State of the United States. Today, Hawaii is a global gathering place for visitors to share in the spirit of aloha. Beyond the sun and surf of the islands, we urge you to discover the rich cultural history of Hawaii to add even more depth to your visit

State Facts

Major Industries: Agriculture and Tourism

Tree: Kukui

Flower: Yellow Hibiscus

Rock: Lava Rock


Bird: Nene

Song: Hawaii Ponoi

Approximate Population: 1,419,561

Size Ranking: 40

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Hawaii Ponoi