character analysis: Jim Carroll

the basketball diaries

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picture comparision

this picture relates to the book because they are both white basketball players in the ghetto
Chief Keef - "Everyday" | Dir. @DGainzBeats

lyric comparision

No snitching boy we light you up

Shoot them bullets, ain't nobody hot as us.

this lyric compares to Jim Carroll because he doesn't snitch.


whats life if you cant enjoy it?

whats life if its hard?

whats life if its trouble?

whats life if your hard headed?

whats life if your in the ghetto?

whats life anyways?


life was hard growing up.

hard but fun as well.

i was a problem child.

trouble maker.

hard headed.

but i was a child.

i didnt know better.

i just wanted to shoot hoops and cause trouble.

but i guess trouble found me.

personal connection

i can connect to jim carroll alot. we both had our problems growing up. we both grew up in poor places. we were both hard headed. we both enjoyed playinig basketball with our friends. we both were trouble makers.


dear Jim,

keep your head up man. I know it can be hard in the slums of new York. Trust me i've been thru all of it. but at the end of the long tunnel of darkness there's always gonna be light.