Dove Math 2/16 to 2/19

Independent work

6th Grade

Warm Up

Get a calculator and try this:

The number 379009 is a prime number. It also looks like the word Google if you type it into a calculator and look at it upside down!

Can you create a word with any other prime number?

Prime & Composite Numbers

Go to to this site at

Prime Factorization with Bob

BrainPop- Exponents

IXL Practice

Exponents Quizlet- Choose the activities across the top you want to use.

Edgenuity Prime Numbers and Prime Factorization Quiz

7th Grade Math

Warm Up

Find the person in the room that has the similar triangle matching yours.

Similarity in Shapes

Go to this site at

Video- Scale Ella

Lesson: Determining Scale Factor by Applying Ratios MZUSD

Lesson: Finding Perimeter with Scale Factor and a Proportion

Quizlet: Similarity Choose the ones you want to do for practice

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8th Grade


Get a Chromebook and sign in. Open this website by going to



Rotations Using Coordinates

Transtar game

Quizlet- Transformations Choose any of the 4 activities below to practice

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