Go With The Flow

Includes Both a Food Web and Energy Pyrimad


Deep in the sea there are many organisms but whether or not you believe it all organisms are in a food web, including you. While you may not live in the sea you are still involved with all the sea creatures. So it all starts with the producers. So in this case it starts off with the algae and the sea weed. Since the sea weed and algae use 90% of the energy they get from the sun, the shrimp, sea horses, and crab get 10% of the producers. Once the crab is stuffed with sea weed both the jellyfish and octopus take this time to eat the crab which gives 10% of energy from the crab. While the jellyfish is on a roll it goes ahead and eats the shrimp along with the sea horse, cuttlefish and the sea anemones which gives them 10% of energy each. Though the octopus and the cuttlefish have no idea what is in store for them before it's too late. The shark gets 10% of energy from the two animals it just devoured. In the end the shark may come out on top but it gets the least amount of energy because the 10% would just get smaller and smaller over time which means that the shark will have to go back on the prowl very soon.