an evil, cruel, one-eyed villian

About Assef

Assef has never really had a conscience. He rapes and shows no remorse for his rape of Hassan, which when he and the victim were only boys.Simply because he didn't see Hazaras as equal to Pashtuns. He symbolizes all villainy. Assef becomes a member of the Taliban who idolizes Adolf Hitler. Even as an adult, Assef still uses a pair of brass knuckles to demonstrate both his power and cruelty.

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About the Taliban

Taliban Facts.

After occupying Soviet troops withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989 and the pro-Moscow government fell in 1992, US. backed Islamic rebels swept to power. Almost immediately, they turned their guns on each other, killing an estimated 50,000 people and destroying entire neighborhoods of Kabul. In response to the bloodletting, the rigorously Islamic Taliban movement — composed of religious students, or "taliban" from the southern city of Kandahar emerged in 1994. With help from Pakistan and, it is thought, Usama bin Laden's well-financed Al Qaeda organization, the Taliban seized much of the country. They took Kabul, the capital, in 1996, and declared themselves the legitimate government of Afghanistan.